About Willow Education

Kia Ora!

Willow Education is based in the lower North Island, and offers a helping hand, guiding and supporting you and your staff on your professional journey. Run by Pauline Donaldson and Jo Lewis, Willow Education aims to enhance the education experience for teachers and students alike, by providing learning that is well-informed, relevant, timely and fun.

If you are interested in

• Developing thinking skills within the routine of your classroom and planning

• Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into meaningful Inquiry learning

• Utilising formative assessments as a powerful tool for teachers and students

• Mapping your curriculum effectively

then Willow Education would love to guide you on your journey.

Our commitment to building and sustaining professional relationships is what sets us apart from many other training providers. We appreciate that people need time to reflect on training and apply it to their own situation – often this leads to further questions, and so we feel that the facility to engage in an ongoing professional discussion with a “guide on the side” is invaluable.

The company has grown from our passion for education and our belief that lifelong learning should be fun. Rooted in our solid background in education pedagogy, we are now branching out from our extensive classroom experience to share our expertise, enjoyment and enthusiasm with other educators. Both of us are avid readers with creative,inquiring minds, and we infuse established education practice with the best in current educational thinking.
Willow Education offers a flexible approach to your professional learning needs, and aims to develop individually tailored programmes which include ongoing support and advice during your learning journey. We have a range of packages to facilitate professional learning for educators from early childhood through tertiary education to workplace development. These packages are delivered through a blended format, including on-site workshops and distance support via email and Skype.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help you add value to your practice. We look forward to hearing from you.


Pauline is passionate about education and learning as a form of self-development. She makes time every day to ‘wander and wonder’ about life and the world around her. Her inquiring nature has seen her spending time in Antarctica as the Learnz teacher-in-residence, travelling through Europe in search of Ancient and modern Romans, and climbing the rigging on the Spirit of New Zealand. She reads voraciously, laughs infectiously and has an energy and enthusiasm for life that is inspirational.


                  Jo Lewis                         Pauline Donaldson

B.Ed (hons) Cambridge                         PGDipTchg (Otago)

                                             PGCE, MST                        Dip Teacher Librarian, HDip Tchg


Jo’s enthusiasm and creativity for teaching and learning is shared with those around her. Her experiences in the UK, from Cambridge University to the education system and then migrating to NZ teaching environments, have given her new perspectives with an open mind. Her enjoyment of the creative life is shown through her love of music and visual arts. Jo is wordsmith, she reads widely and deeply, and enthuses others to want to continue learning and enjoying life.