Inquiry Teaching and Learning

Inquiry teaching and learning

These modules can be adapted for use with students from ECE to Year 8.

W.E. can help you to answer some of the fundamental questions about Inquiry teaching and learning

  • What does Inquiry teaching and learning look like in a classroom?
    • How do I plan for Inquiry?
    • Where does Literacy and Numeracy fit in this model?
    • Where do the National Standards come into this?
    • What is a concept driven curriculum?
    • What are the key elements of an Inquiry model?
    • How do I make inquiry an ongoing process that leads to reflection, new inquiries and deep understanding?
    • What is true action in Inquiry?
    • How do I assess Inquiry?
    • Where do formative assessments fit into this?

in order to make Inquiry teaching and learning a cornerstone of your practice.