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A fantastic evening in Hawera.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening workshop in Hawera on March 9th, and were thrilled with the turn out that we had.  Between us all we worked with students from ECE through to High School age, and it was really nice to hear their ideas and experiences as well as being able to share useful behaviour management strategies with them.

One of the elements of behaviour management that we explored was the art of communication.  The participants decided that it would look like, sound like and feel like this:

circle map- communication March 9 2016


We asked the workshop participants how they communicate with the parents of children in their class, and they enthusiastically shared their thoughts.

How do you communicate with the parents of children in your class March 9 2016

We felt it was also important to recognise a listener!  There was an interesting discussion about eye contact, culturally different interpretations of that, and the fact that processing information causes an involuntary shift of eye focus even though listening is maintained.  Here is a summary of their ideas about listeners:

good listener March 9 2016


We also discussed the Carrots and Consequences that they use in class.  Here are the ideas they came up with:  carrots and consequence pyramid completed March 9 2016

We’d like to thank the South Taranaki branch of NZEI for hosting the workshop, and providing such a great opportunity for their members.

Support Staff workshop in Waiouru

When we ran our mega-workshop day in Waiouru at the end of March, we ran 3 sessions for support staff in the Taihape branch of NZEI.

One of these was on behaviour management and positive rewards, and the support staff seemed to really enjoy it.  It was a very condensed version of a much more comprehensive workshop that we offer, but there is just so much to pack into a 90 minute session – behaviour management is a topic that we could talk all day on!

Anyway, here is the feedback from our wonderful support staff.  If there weren’t amazing people like this in schools, then teachers’ jobs would be quite a bit more difficult!  A big thank you to all the support staff out there – especially those who came to this session.
We will see many of you again in Palmerston North in June, as we are presenting 3 more (different) workshops at the Support Staff conference.  We can’t wait!

feedback collation support staff march 2015