Terrific Teams in the Rangitikei.

After a very successful conference day in Palmerston North, helping APs and DPs to Keep Calm and Carry on leading teachers, we are excited to be heading off into the Rangitikei this week to work with a group of teachers and classroom support staff.

We often take the role of the learning support staff, or Teacher Aides as they used to be called, for granted; but we all know that a great TA is worth his or her weight in gold.

This workshop will focus on the role of the learning support staff, and the ABC of effective teamwork in the classroom.

We will finish with an opportunity to view some literacy and numeracy games that we have found to be effective tools for learning support staff to use, and we will have the resources on standby for the Terrific Teams to devise and create some of their own to take straight back into their classrooms.

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