Mr Bloom, meet Mr Hyerle!

I love thinking skills.  I find the brain and its machinations fascinating.

There.  I’ve said it.  I’m a bit of a brain geek!  That’s probably no bad thing, being in education, as the brain is after all the tool of my trade.

I’ve used Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills for a long time (it was a fundamental part of my planning process when I first came to New Zealand fourteen years ago) and have been a certified Trainer of Teachers using Hyerle’s Thinking Maps for around ten years.

So when I saw a nice infographic on Twitter the other day, revisiting the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, I could quickly see the links where the Thinking Maps could go.  I’ve put my own version of the infographic together, for those of us who are coming to these ideas for the first time.

Here it is:

blooms - thinking maps cheat sheet

and here is a link to the pdf version:

blooms – thinking maps cheat sheet

If you are interested, have a query, would like a workshop around these ideas or generally want to offer some other ways the two structures fit together, please feel free to leave a comment for us.

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