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And the final piece of feedback from Waiouru.

Ironically the first workshop we ran for support staff in Waiouru at the end of March was Supporting Numeracy Skills (basic facts).  There’s nothing ironic in that on its own, but it is ironic that it is the last piece of feedback that is ready for publication!

The workshop went well, despite the vocal encouragement from the rooster outside the hall, and the support staff all seemed to value the opportunity to see some new games that they could use in their classrooms.  Even better than the chance to see new games, was the time and resources to make their own game to take back to their school with them!

And here is their feedback:

Numeracy feedback collation support staff march 2015

More on that Support Staff day.

We  had such a great day up in Waiouru with the lovely support staff.  As well as the positive behaviour management workshop, we also ran one on Supporting Literacy Skills and one on Supporting Numeracy Skills.

Here is the the feedback from the Literacy Skills workshop- some more satisfied customers, for sure.  And some lucky children next term who will have newly upskilled support staff involved in their learning.


feedback collation support staff march 2015

Support Staff workshop in Waiouru

When we ran our mega-workshop day in Waiouru at the end of March, we ran 3 sessions for support staff in the Taihape branch of NZEI.

One of these was on behaviour management and positive rewards, and the support staff seemed to really enjoy it.  It was a very condensed version of a much more comprehensive workshop that we offer, but there is just so much to pack into a 90 minute session – behaviour management is a topic that we could talk all day on!

Anyway, here is the feedback from our wonderful support staff.  If there weren’t amazing people like this in schools, then teachers’ jobs would be quite a bit more difficult!  A big thank you to all the support staff out there – especially those who came to this session.
We will see many of you again in Palmerston North in June, as we are presenting 3 more (different) workshops at the Support Staff conference.  We can’t wait!

feedback collation support staff march 2015

Feedback from our PRTs

We did something a little different last time we met with our rural PRT group. Usually we hold very interactive workshops, and they have lots of opportunities to talk together and share ideas. This time they wanted to hear about Maths Cafe, which meant that a lot of the talking was done by me.
Fortunately they seem to have quite enjoyed it, as this feedback shows.

feedback collation prts