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Back at the chalkface.

Well here we are again, at the beginning of an exciting new year in education.  Hopefully you are all well-rested, relaxed and refreshed; and the start of term has gone well wherever you teach.  The weather continues to be challenging for those of us without the benefit of air conditioning, and for many of us the swimming season is in full swing.

It is a time of planning and discussion as we all meet the students who will work with us for the next 40 weeks, and if you are unsure about an element of your practice this is a fabulous chance to refresh your memory or upskill with a Willow Education workshop!

Well-being is the current focus for many education professionals, and our Keep Calm and Carry On  series of workshops is very popular with the focus able to be adapted for support staff, classroom teachers and middle managers.

Collaborative teaching and learning are also key education ideas at the moment and we have a range of workshops along these lines too.  We’ve even been party to discussions across social media platforms about the best way to plan, assess and report now that National Standards seem to have been shifted to one side.  Luckily we can help with curriculum mapping, formative assessments and best practice reporting strategies, so if you’re trying to fill the post-National-Standards void look no further.

Whatever aspect of teaching and learning you are interested in, do get in touch with us and see what Willow Education can do to make your PD sparkle!

We look forward to seeing you in a Willow Education workshop very soon.